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Lawn Mowing in Phoenix, Laveen, Scottsdale, & Nearby Areas of Arizona

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We offer lawn mowing to homes and businesses in Phoenix, Laveen, Scottsdale, AZ, and nearby areas.

Our lawn mowing service includes string-trimming, edging, and blowing debris off your hardscapes!

A mowed lawn in Phoenix, AZ.

It's probably no secret to most property owners that lawn mowing is an essential maintenance task that will keep their properties more appealing. However, it's a task that can take most of your time. Let our team help! Our crew at Divine Design Landscaping offers a lawn mowing service that runs from March to October or November and ensures your grass looks its best throughout the growing season. You can schedule this service in weekly or bi-weekly intervals so we can stay on top of your lawn's aesthetics.

During our visits, our team will take care of string-trimming, edging, blowing debris off your hardscapes, and plant trimming so your grass and plants are in their best appearance. You can also count on our crew to rotate our mowing patterns and follow the proper mowing height to maintain your lawn's tip-top condition. If you own a home or business in Phoenix, Laveen, Scottsdale, AZ, or nearby areas, we can handle your lawn mowing needs.

Our Lawn Mowing Schedule

Your lawn will need to be trimmed regularly to keep it looking manicured. At Divine Design Landscaping, our lawn mowing schedule begins in March and runs throughout October or November since these are months when your grass is growing actively. Our team also offers weekly and bi-weekly mowing options, so you can choose which schedule best suits your lawn's needs. No matter your choice, you can rest assured that our team will keep your grass in pristine condition every time we visit your property!

Our team has been keeping lawns in Arizona looking their best since 2012.

What does our lawn mowing service include?

Our lawn mowing service involves more than just cutting your grass. When you sign up for our lawn mowing program, you can expect our crew to handle the following tasks as well:

  • String-trimming: Our team uses a string trimmer to cut grass in hard-to-reach areas so every part of your lawn looks neat.
  • Edging: Besides mowing your grass, we will trim grass around the edges of your landscape beds and hard surfaces to maintain a clean and sharp look on your turf.
  • Blowing: After we mow, string-trim, and edge, our team will blow the grass clippings off your hard surfaces so your yard is tidy and manicured when we leave.
  • Plant Trimming: Our team will focus not only on your lawn but also on your trees and shrubs! When you sign up for our lawn mowing service, we'll trim and clip your plants to ensure they look their best year-round.

We follow the best lawn mowing practices to get you the best results.

Lawn mowing might look easy and straightforward for most people, but it requires serious attention to detail! Otherwise, your lawn's health and appearance might be affected. That's why our team follows the best lawn mowing practices to ensure we give you the best results. Every time we visit your property to mow your grass, we will rotate the mowing pattern to prevent soil compaction and creating ruts on your turf.

When we cut your grass, our team will ensure our lawn mowers are set at the proper mowing height. In Arizona, the ideal cutting height is 3 inches. You can rest assured that we are following this guideline to prevent cutting too much off your grass, which can cause more harm than good to your lawn's health.

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Lawn mowing is a tedious and backbreaking lawn maintenance task, but it doesn't have to be your job! Our team will take lawn mowing off your to-do list so you can take back your time and focus on other things. We offer a lawn mowing service to commercial and residential properties in Phoenix, Laveen, Scottsdale, AZ, and nearby areas. If you want to have the best-looking lawn in your block, give us a call today at (602) 769-4564 to schedule our lawn mowing service.