Xeriscaping is a landscaping technique that uses plants and natural materials to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape that needs little to no watering besides what the environment naturally provides. Xeriscaping has become increasingly popular in Arizona because of the dry climate, which requires more watering than many other states to keep plants healthy and thriving. The goal of xeriscaping is to reduce or eliminate the need for additional watering for your landscape while also minimizing the amount of maintenance that is required to keep plants looking their best. Some popular types of plants used for xeriscaping in Arizona include cacti, succulents, desert lilies, desert marigolds, and more! Continue reading this blog to learn more about xeriscaping and why it's an important landscaping technique for properties in Arizona.

What is xeriscaping?

Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping designed to make the most out of limited resources, such as water, and still produce beautiful results. It involves using native plants and materials that are well-adapted to local conditions and require less maintenance and water to thrive. Because we don't get much water throughout the year here in Arizona and the temperatures can be extremely hot for much of the year, it's important to utilize this technique to achieve a thriving, low-maintenance landscape!

Why is xeriscaping important for landscapes in Arizona?

Arizona experiences hot summers and dry winters, making it imperative to implement xeriscaping techniques to ensure your landscape remains healthy and vibrant year-round. Because there is little rainfall throughout the year, much of the water needed to sustain your landscape comes from sprinklers and hoses. By incorporating xeriscaping techniques into your landscape, you can reduce the amount of water used on your property. This not only helps save money on your water bill but also reduces the strain on local water sources during droughts. What's more, by utilizing low-maintenance plants, you can achieve a beautiful landscape without having to do much work to maintain it!

What are some desert friendly plants commonly used for xeriscaping in Arizona?

There are several types of plants that can be used for xeriscaping depending on what look you are going for. Here are a few examples of desert friendly plants commonly used for xeriscaping in Arizona:

  • Cactus: Cacti are plants that are most commonly envisioned in desert environments, making them perfect to use for xeriscaping. There are nearly 2,000 different species of cacti, many of which have spiny stems and flower at various times of the year, giving you a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Succulent: Succulents are plants adapted to arid climates and are known for their thick leaves or stems that store water. They come in various shapes and sizes and can bloom in colors ranging from white to yellow to red.
  • Desert Lily: Desert lilies are bright flowers that grow between one and three feet tall. Their blooms range from white to blueish-white and they most commonly bloom between February and May.
  • Desert Marigolds: Desert marigolds are typically orange or yellow and can reach heights of up to two feet. They bloom in the early spring all the way up to the summer months.
You can take advantage of design renderings to see how different plants will look in your landscape beds before they are ever planted!

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