About Divine Design Landscaping

About Divine Design Lawn Care

Divine Design Landscaping started in 2012 by a single man with a dream to better the lawn care industry and improve the customer service experience. The founder and owner of Divine Design Landscaping, Nathan, had previously worked in the field and noticed that a lot of companies lack attention to detail, were unresponsive to their customer’s needs, and a lack of training provided to the employees.

He quickly realized that he could help ease the pain point of the lawn care industry. So, with the help and support of his wife he decided to start up his own landscaping company that he felt was more based on clients wants and needs. With lessons learned from his initial clients, he learned valuable skills such as meeting the client’s needs.

Nathan started taking on properties and tending to them by himself. He built family-oriented relationships with the clients to really understand what it was the clients wanted and were really looking for. Right away the customers noticed his work was attentive and his eye to detail which is exactly what they were looking for.

With such proven results his business began picking up and he had to hire help. Nathan carefully interviewed candidates that he knew would have the same goals and dedication that he has. Slowly his one-man crew grew into what it is today.

At Divine Design Landscaping, we make sure that our work goes above and beyond and provide guaranteed work. We strive to be your life time lawn care service provider. Our mission is to build close relationships with our customers because you are more than a client, you are family.

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