Account scheduled maintenance is performed on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis depending on the agreement. Service includes plant and shrub trimming, lawn edging and mowing, removal of landscape debris, light weeding and tree trimming to 7’. Blowing of all hard-scapes and raking of granite is included.

Yard clean-ups are first service, one-time engagements. Yard clean-ups include trimming all shrubs, trees, edging and mowing of the turf, total weed removal, granite raking and blowing, and the removal of all landscape debris.

Irrigation evaluations include the review of the existing sprinkler and drip systems on a residential or commercial property. System review includes the Timer, Controller, Anti-siphon valve, in-ground high and low pressure electronic valves, sprinkler heads, bodies, risers and nozzles, drip system ¼” lines and emitters to individual plants, shrubs and trees. These evaluations lead to defining a repair or replacement scope of work and enhancement of the grid system.